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Shiraz E-Medical Journal: Feb 2018, 19 (2), 7 articles.
Review Article
Hossien Ranjbar, Elham Azmoude
Sexual function is an important indicator of quality of life, which affects various aspects of women’s health, especially physical health. Although some evidence suggests that people with a greater body mass index experience more sexual dysfunction, this has continually been disputed. A meta-analysis was conducted to evaluate ... read more
Research Article
Mohammad Mahdi Sagheb, Mitra Amini, Mahboobeh Saber, Mohsen Moghadami, Parisa Nabiei, Roya Khalili, Rita Rezaee, Leila Bazrafcan, Ali Asghar Hayat
Medical students should be trained about the fundamental skills of evidence- based medicine (EBM) during undergraduate medical education curriculum. This article introduces an innovative model for initiation and development of a flipped classroom for teaching EBM to sixth- year undergraduate medical students in Shiraz Medical School, affiliated ... read more
Research Article
Zohre Faramarzian, Marzieh Kargar, Mohsen Dehghani, Najaf Zare
Functional constipation is among the most common problems of childhood. Children’s life quality is affected by constipation. In addition, constipation can bring about undesirable physical and psychic consequences. However, follow-up programs can solve the problem and assure the patient about continuing treatment.This study aimed to investigate the ... read more
Research Article
Mahmood Haghighat, Zahra Amiri, Seyed Mohsen Dehghani, Ali Reza Safarpour, Maryam Ataollahi, Arash Mani, Rahele Haghighat, Abbas Rezaianzadeh
Constipation is one of the most common Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms among children. The present study aimed to identify the demographic and clinical characteristics of the children suffering from constipation.This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on 987 children with constipation in Fars province from March 2015 to March 2016. ... read more
Research Article
Arash Mani, Saeed Ghelijkhani, Raheleh Haghighat, Laaya Ahmadzadeh, Elnaz Chohedri, Sayyed Taghi Heydari
Evaluation of brain function is achieved through patients’ behavior. One of the self-regulatory behaviors, impaired in various psychiatric and neurological disorders, is executive function. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Adult version (BRIEF-A) is a standard tool for the assessment of executive function.Thus, the present study aimed at ... read more
Research Article
Mohsen Ghasemi, Parsa Yousefichaijan, Masoud Rezagholizamenjany, Sahar Alizadeh
Parents’ emotional intelligence comprises their prior knowledge, IQ, and technical or professional skills, which can influence chidlren’s emotional dimensions and lead to voiding dysfunction.The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between parents’ emotional intelligence and enuresis in children for a more effective management of ... read more
Research Article
Fardad Ejtehadi, Khatere Mirzad Jahromi, Alireza Rahimi, Ladan Aminlari, Maryam Moini
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common functional disorders of gastrointestinal system. The diagnosis of IBS is made by ROME criteria while excluding other organic causes of symptoms. The presence of alarming sings warrants further evaluation by radiologic or endoscopic studies. It is a ... read more